What is the Garmin Communicator Plugin, and why do I need it?

The plugin works with your web browser to transfer data between websites and your Garmin device. Our website uses it for a variety of tasks, including registering your device, updating or downloading maps, and adding vehicles or voices. The plugin is safe, free and quick to download and install.

What web browsers are compatible with the Garmin Communicator Plugin?

The plugin is compatible with the following browsers and operating systems.

Compatible Internet browsers and operating systems

Browser Windows® XP or later Mac® OSX 10.6 or later
Safari 5.0+,
IE 7.0+
Full Installer (32bit)
Full Installer (64bit)
Full Installer (Intel)
Full Installer (Tiger and PPC)
Browser Add-On Browser Add-On (Intel)
Browser Add-On (Tiger and PPC)
Internet Explorer 7.0+ Browser Add-On (32bit)
Browser Add-On (64bit)

Do I need to install Garmin USB drivers for the plugin to work with my device?

In most cases, you will not need to install separate USB drivers for the plugin to detect your device. The required USB drivers are installed with the plugin.

However, a few Garmin devices do require separate USB drivers for the plugin to work. And, if the plugin is installed in Internet Explorer using ActiveX, or as a Firefox plugin, the USB drivers are not included. If the test page indicates that the plugin is successfully installed, but it is not detecting your device, try downloading and installing the latest <a href="http://www8.garmin.com/support/agree.jsp?id=591">USB drivers</a>.

Why would I need to update Windows® Media Player?

If your computer runs on the Windows operating system, Windows Media Player may work in combination with the Garmin Communicator Plugin to communicate with your device. Make sure you have the newest version:

  • From the Start menu on your computer, open Windows Media Player.
  • Note: If you do not see the menu bar at the top once the program starts, press the Alt key.
  • In the Help menu, select Check For Updates. (If you cannot select Check For Updates, you already have the most recent version of Windows Media Player.)

How do I know if the Garmin Communicator Plugin will work with my Garmin device?

The plugin works best with devices that connect to a computer via USB cable. Some devices that connect to a computer via serial cable or serial-USB adapter will work with the plugin, too.

Does the Garmin Communicator Plugin work on other websites besides Garmin.com?

The Garmin Communicator Plugin API enables third-party web developers to easily integrate the plugin with any website. Websites that use the API can communicate with your device.

If you are interested in using the Garmin Communicator Plugin on your website, check out <a href="http://developer.garmin.com/">Garmin Developer</a>.